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For more than two decades, Windmill International, Inc. has been considered one of the defense industry’s business leaders in program management, engineering, training, technology and software development. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the veteran-owned company has grown continuously and has built an excellent reputation with its customers as a highly efficient and skilled solutions-provider.

With offices in Nashua and Hollis, New Hampshire, Washington DC, Arlington, Virginia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Seattle, Washington and Tokyo, Japan—and a solid portfolio of products and services—Windmill is poised for continued growth.

The United States government, in addition to foreign governments such as Japan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, has counted on Windmill’s expertise, products and services since 1988.

Windmill became an employee-owned company in 2005 with the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). This dynamic initiative ensures the longevity of the company while maintaining focus on customer service and quality and rewarding membership for exceptional corporate performance.


Windmill’s goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable systems and services at a competitive price. At Windmill, we ensure that our customers’ needs are met. Windmill is committed to the highest standards of excellence.

Integrity is at the heart of our company. Windmill’s member-owners are people are of character and work in an environment in which trust and honor are paramount values.

Our foremost measure of success is excellence, as recognized and acknowledged by our customers.

Our business strategy focuses on entrepreneurial approaches to new and important strategic challenges, with a sustained emphasis of expansion and growth.

Finally, Windmill recognizes that our strength lies in our people. We ensure that our members enjoy a competitive total compensation package and that, through our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), they become member-owners.


  • In their September 2010 edition, Windmill was named one of the Top 100 Private Companies and one of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies in New Hampshire by Business NH Magazine.
  • Windmill won the 2010 Smaller Business Association of New England's (SBANE) Award for Innovation for the creation of the KA-10, also known as the Windmill Suitcase Portable Receive Suite (SPRS).
  • Windmill was named by INC Magazine on the INC 500 List of Fastest Growing Small Businesses in 1994, 1995 and 2002.
  • Windmill has been NATO’S Support Contractor of Choice since 1988. 21 years later, Windmill continues to support our original customer, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (NAEW&C) Programme Management Agency (NAPMA) with acquisition support activities.
  • Windmill is a major supplier of professional and technical services to the USAF Electronic Systems Center at Hanscom Air Force Base and was awarded ESC's "Small Business Contractor of the Year 2002."


Windmill is a proud supporter of the following charities:

  • United Way
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Nashua Soup Kitchen
  • Greater Nashua Boys & Girls Club
  • Pure Water for the World

Please visit Windmill’s Charitable Giving Guidelines.


Windmill International, Inc.'s charitable giving focuses on the development, building and maintenance of strong communities where our business and members can thrive; and reflects the focus and interests of the people within our membership and our business community.

To be considered for funding, an organization must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity.

Priority consideration will be given to organizations and activities in areas with an established Windmill presence.

The following programs and activities are ineligible for consideration:

  • Religious organizations, except religiously-sponsored service organizations that otherwise meet all criteria and whose programs serve the general public without discrimination.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.
  • Political candidates, parties, campaigns or causes.
  • Individuals
  • Labor organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  windmill-intl For more information about Windmill's corporate giving program, please contact:

Windmill International, Inc.
Social Responsibility Committee
12 Murphy Drive Suite 200
Nashua, NH 03062



Providing Excellence in Professional Services to the AFLCMC for more than 25 years.


NATO's AWACS Support Contractor of Choice Since 1988

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